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Ever since the Department of Psychology started its journey three years back, the department has been simultaneously and successfully performing the multiple roles of creating new knowledge, acquiring new capabilities and producing an intelligent human resource pool contributing in various domains of the society.

The Department has always been on a high growth path and has experienced and dedicated faculty with strong commitment to create workable knowledge in the field of behavioral sciences who work with zeal and enthusiasm to provide a vibrant and optimum learning environment.

The grandaunts are also consistently motivated to participate in research activities, workshops and seminars that are essential in maintaining proficiency. Cultural activities are also promoted through students club at the departmental and university level. A strong positive reputation of the department has been built with the various community related activities done by the students through their social outreach programs.

We welcome everyone to the Department to resolve any emotional or psychological limitations you may be facing or if you are interested in multidisciplinary research and we hope to be part of your success.


To create, evolve and demonstrate applicability of the knowledge systems in the discipline of psychology that would promote subjective strengths and individual specific potentials to facilitate peaceful co-existence and professional excellence. Courses will ensure delivery of multidimensional professional competence abiding cultural relevance and in the process of addressing other contemporary societal issues.


Courses Offered


The department of Psychology at Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute has designed its curriculum and pedagogy on the fundamental idea that “Understanding oneself is the first necessity to understand others”. As we dwell deep into the inbuilt complexities of human mind, one among the creation of God, we ensure that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to study human behaviours, thought processes and their interpretations. The Department of Psychology offer a completely professionally curated curriculum to brace oneself for a successful career in psychology, with internships, research programs, laboratory sessions, industry visits, tools such as psychometric analyses and counselling sessions. We believe in experiential learning where you learn to understand yourselves, accept yourself, and further to analyze and understand others.


Psychology is a diverse field, which is expected to see tremendous growth. Since Psychology is the study of human mind and behavior, it has numerous applications in all walks of life. As a result, one has the option to choose from a varied range of specializations, including but not limited to forensic psychology, Counselling psychology, Clinical psychology and organizational/industrial psychology.


  • Demonstrate comprehension in the field of academic inquiry in psychology with its major subfields and how the discipline is positioned in relation to key socio-biological disciplines.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the methodological approaches to psychological understanding including experimentation, observation, interviewing, using self report (verbal) measures and various instruments.
  • Making attempts at self analysis, self awareness and taking steps for self growth.
  • Documenting the studies in terms of scientific reports as well as popular writing with evidence.
  • Use psychological knowledge, understanding and skills to identify problems, literature search, formulating and designing relevant studies incorporating psychological variables and processes and conducting small studies using suitable methods.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of skills of communication, counselling and scientific writing


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major theoretical approaches and findings in psychology
  • Understand the Biological, psychological, social and cultural influences on human development and behaviour
  • Apply psychological knowledge to one’s own world and, thereby, enhance understanding of human behaviour and effective functioning
  • Locate, interpret, evaluate information related to behaviour and mental processes to understand the cause for abnormality, use appropriate psychological test for understanding, validating and forming conclusions and communicate psychological information and findings
  • Know the research methods used in psychology, apply their knowledge in research design, and data analysis
  • Develop a working knowledge of psychology's content domains and use psychological principles and psychological intervention methods to find solutions to psychological problems, disorders and to promote holistic health
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the contributions by ancient and contemporary literature related to psychology and health, both in physical and psychological dimensions
  • Communicate their ideas effectively in writing and orally
  • Provide professional assistance on psychosocial, educational and other issues to school teachers, managers, administrators, workers in the judicial system, health professionals and relevant others
  • Demonstrate the skills on how to read and write empirical research reports and literature reviews and gain competence in oral presentation of theories, research, and applications of psychology, using presentation software or other visual formats.
  • Apply psychological content and skills to career goals and Prepare a plan for how to use their undergraduate knowledge in the future as they prepare for post graduate school or an occupation
  • Adhere to and apply ethical principles, and demonstrate social responsibility


  • Understand the fundamentals concepts of Psychology to analyse and evaluate individual differences based on various perspectives and theories of personality, Interest, Intelligence, Aptitude, Adjustment skills etc.
  • Investigate different aspects of human behavior with an understanding of various research methods and demonstrate their application in psychosocial and professional settings.
  • To identify the social and cultural influences on human behaviour and demonstrate the skill to use psychological tools and tests to examine the variations in human behaviour in clinical, organizational, and educational settings.
  • To apply counseling and psychological intervention models to alleviate the distress experienced by people due to psychological, emotional and interpersonal problems and promote health enhancing behavior
  • Acquire and develop appropriate work ethics with personal and professional skills to work in collaboration with the team as well as independently
  • Eligibility
    • A minimum percentage of marks required in 12th standard (any board)
    • 3 Years / 6 Semesters

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    • Psychometric Assessment Skills And Psychodiagnostics
    • Multidisciplinary learning through Massive Open Online Course
    • Counselling Skills
    • Development of Self
    • Internship
    • Language – Tamil, English, Spanish, German, French, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
    • Soft Skills Training
    • Communication (Written, Presentation, Oral)


    • Social Outreach Programmes
    • Community Work
    • Internship
    • Conferences
    • Workshops


    • Indian Psychology
    • Introduction To Psychology
    • Introduction To Human Development
    • Biopsychology
    • Theories Of Personality
    • Health Psychology And Yoga
    • Industrial And Organisational Psychology
    • Social Psychology
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Marketing And Consumer Behavior
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Sports Psychology
    • Human Resource Management
    • Positive Psychology
    • Research Methodology
    • Educational Psychology
    • Environmental Psychology
    • Dissertation/Project


    • Our institution promises that the students will be monitored and implement a 360 degree improvement plan.
    • Constant tracking of student activities, along with consistent mentoring and coaching.
    • Customized learning paths for each student, as per individual interest and passions.
    • Practical personality development sessions.
    • Public speaking and presentation skills for all.


    • Empathy
    • Writing And Academic Pursuits
    • Research
    • Effective Communication
    • Discipline
    • Trustworthiness Patience


    • Government Sector- school counsellor, rehabilitation units, any other government service which has graduation as the minimum eligibility.
    • Private Sector: HR Executive And HR Trainer, EAP Counsellor And Behavior Analyst, Customer Service, Sales And Marketing.
    • Entrepreneurial/ Business Options: Counselling Clinics, Special Schools, Rehabilitation Centres, NGO’s And HR, Career, Academic Consultancy


    • Psycho-social training focussed on breaking social impediments associated to women empowerment.
    • Fully Equipped Psychology Lab
    • Internship Opportunities In A.C.S. Medical College, Chennai And Raja Rajeshwari Medical College, Banglore (Managed By The Same University)
    • Community Outreach Programmes And Field Work As A Part Of Curriculum
    • Mentoring By Industry Experts
    • Learning By Industry Visits
    • Research In Association With The Industry
    • Internship Opportunity In Two Medical College Hospitals
    • Learn Psychometric Assessment Skills, Psych-Diagnostics And Gain Counselling Skills
    • Training In Creative Presentations, Articles And Blog Writing And Research Paper Presentations
    • Organize And Lead Groups, Organizations Or Committees
    • Adjust Well To Organizational Rules, Procedures And Traditions



    This Clinical Psychology Masters MSc Clinical Psychology offers a comprehensive grounding in the understanding of mental health problems from simple ones which curtail the efficiency to major ones which makes individuals dysfunctional, identifying the cause and provide customized intervention which can help in alleviating the problems and bring out the best in them

    The TTE (Teaching – Training- Experiential ) Model focus on developing the knowledge of the aetiology and treatment of a range of psychological disorders, behavioural, Emotional, interpersonal relationship, academic, addiction, Motivation and performance related problems in all age groups.

    The training and experiential learning models is executed through Internship, Social outreach programs, Community work and Awareness campaigns

    The course also has a substantial research element. The students will receive extensive training in research methods, statistics analysis, research publication and conference presentations which is evaluated through mini-project and dissertation.

    With the profession of psychologist being listed as a Allied health science by the government of India vide, THE NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR ALLIED AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONS ACT 2021 the core objective of the program has been shifted to upskill the students to function as independent professionals in the field even though adequate skilling to be a part of corporate sector is also done

    The departments have strong links with various institutions and corporates which provides students in getting hands on training in utilizing the acquired knowledge

    We also have in house Counselling and Behaviour Analysis centre, in which students can participate voluntarily and gain in-house supervised experience in psychological evaluation and intervention.

    About the course

    Post-graduate course in Sciences.


    Diagnosis of Intellectual capacities, Neuropsychological functions, Psychopathology, Personality, Developmental disorders, Specific learning disorders.

    Treatment involving customised scientifically proven psychotherapeutic interventions.

    Research on psychosocial Issues, prevalence of mental illnesses, effects of therapeutic interventions, methods of enhancing mental health, applied research on all other contemporary issues to find solutions to existing problems and contingencies that arise from time to time.

    Consultation for organisations on training and development, enhancing motivation, psychological testing, and contributing to mental wellbeing and emotional wellness of employees. Also involves consultation for private clinical practice to help individuals with psychological issues.

    Administration and management
    Administration and management involving prevention of psycho-social issues, contributing to psychological resilience and empowerment of employees and their families and promoting harmony and well being in society.




    • Under graduation with Psychology Major, both distant and full timers
    • 2 YEARS


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    Currently mental health as a whole is gaining importance in society. Every government and organisation is now focussing on the importance of mental health and is looking forward to for better mental health and wellness in each person. The course aims to develop professionals who are trained to put their skills in practice for the betterment of the society, by creating awareness about mental health and wellness, and also by helping people to overcome their psychological limitations and mental health problems.



    Hospitals and Mental Health facilities:
    Diagnosis and treatment of psychological issues

    Corporate sector:
    Training and development, enhancing motivation, psychological testing, and contributing to mental wellbeing and emotional wellness of employees.

    Government Sector:
    Applied research and field work for prevention of psycho-social issues and techniques for the betterment of society.

    Emotional and psychological well being of students and their families and diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders and specific learning disabilities.

    Private Practice:
    With the passing of the Allied health Care Bill (2020), students who have completed their post graduation can register themselves as psychologists and behaviour therapists and can practice independently.