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Culinary Arts

Department of Culinary Arts

Chefs Incubation Centre of India

Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute (Deemed University)- The objective of the Department of Culinary Arts is to develop not just Chefs – but Chefs who stand out in the Chefs fraternity with their knowledge, skills and the masterly disposition with the style of their own. Only the best of professionals are often seen and talked about in their respective fields, because such professionals carve their own professional personalities which make a lot of difference in the minds of those looking at them. Chefs are, by nature, very creative and those with the born creative acumen add much more to the creativity and the innovation that they bring into everything that they do.

Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute, (Deemed to be University)

Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute gained its Deemed to be University status in the year 2003, and has grown up since then and the institution has fourteen Faculties comprising more than one hundred and twenty five Doctorates, about one thousand staff members, around one thousand five hundred non-teaching staff members, and at present nearly fourteen thousand students are being taught. The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Govt. of India has graded Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute – Deemed to be University, under GRADED AUTONOMOUS STATUS in Category II.

The Courses of the University are accredited by NAAC and according to a survey by the Sunday Indian, the University is ranked third in India and has also been accorded “A” Grade (3.31 out of 4) rating by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body under the UGC. Four of our University departments – Biotechnology, Computer science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering – have been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), N. Delhi

Knowledge, Skills and the Masterly disposition

If your choice is a Career in Culinary you have to naturally choose the best Culinary Institute where you acquire – not just Knowledge and Skills - but get sculpted as a Master Craftsmen in Culinary which is possible only through the blending of Science with Art. Science can be taught, but the Art has to be imbibed – the blending of oneself with the beauty outside. It is not just working on the details; it is more – much more than that – it is the chiseling to bring the beauty out of bounty. At Dr.MGR - Department of Culinary Arts you will have everything that goes to support you to become Culinary Crafts Expert.

Chefs Incubation Centre of India

We provide in-depth knowledge, working skills and inspire and support you to

Legendary Chefs heading the ‘Incubation of Chefs’

Department of Culinary Arts of Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute (Deemed University) works with a strong mission to produce the best of Chefs from the institute. The Chefs who go out duly trained here will be a breed of their own, with strong and assertive knowledge, skills and masterly ability to conduct in the kitchens leading to inspire the others in the kitchen oozing with confidence, that is possible only by attaining the knowledge, skills and the experience - a maturity level that tempers the professional skills to make them lead. The Master Chefs who are in charge of the Theory and practical sessions of the department are those chefs who are regarded as of high caliber, who can take the kitchen’s tough schedules confidently and cheerfully. They inspire the students largely and train them in the culinary skills and also their personal skills adopting which they will create exclusivity for themselves.


And a host of short term courses customized according to demand


Courses Offered

  • Duration:   3 Years / 6 semesters
  • Eligibility:  Passed 12th Standard – Any subject
  • Duration:   2 Years / 4 semesters
  • Eligibility:  Passed B.Sc. preferably HMCT (or any other Graduates)

Career opportunity:

Substantial growth in the tourism and hospitality segment over the years, and expected bright future (a growth rate of 9 percent over the next few years), has cumulated in creating numerous opportunities for the students of Culinary Arts. Career options available to students passing out from the institute include placement in the following segments:

  • Chef in Hotel/Restaurant
  • Flight Kitchen Services
  • Institutional Catering
  • Faculty in Food Craft & Hotel Management Institutes
  • Nutrition experts
  • Research & Development in large food companies
  • Entrepreneurial Journey through bakery/restaurant, etc.

Advantage of Courses

  • Mentoring by world-renowned chefs to transform eager and aspiring students into leading and successful hospitality professionals.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and hands-on training will mould and prepare students for the needs of the industry.
  • Prepare chefs for the future challenges of culinary management and get them prepared for its effective execution and management.
  • Proficiency in classic and contemporary cuisines.
  • Students learn how Culinary Art is a great way to bring their love for food to life.
  • Intense training will provide students with a cutting-edge skill set that will differentiate them from other food and beverage professionals.
  • Focus on strong culinary foundations and production management.
  • Combination of practical, theoretical sessions, on-site visits, seminars and workshops.
  • Based on the criteria set by global standards, the student’s outcome will be periodically identified by the distinguished chef’s panel of advisors.
  • With a projected growth rate of over 9 percent per annum in the hospitality segment in India for the next few years, the opportunities in this segment are expected to grow manifold.
  • Students of the institute, whose profile after completing the course will be of high proficiency, will have sustainable opportunities in the food and beverage industry from hospitality organizations across the world.
  • Unique curriculum design will ensure high employability and placement in niche areas apart from making students ready for their own entrepreneurial journey.
  • Training by renowned professional experts (advisors) will allow students to take a giant leap forward in their professional career and enable them to handle with confidence any challenges that come their way.


Research involves systematic investigation process employed to increase or revise current knowledge by discovering new facts. Basic Research is aimed at increasing scientific knowledge and Applied Research is aimed at using basic research for solving problems or developing new processes, products or techniques. Our University and more so the department, encourages both basic and applied research.

Most of the Faculty members are engaged in Research and only top researchers can be top teachers. They carry their passion for the field into the classroom and they are inspirational teachers and role models. Inter-discipline and collaborative Research are encouraged and this provides chances for students themselves to become researchers and even publish papers in reputed journals. There are State of the art facilities for research and publication. The University is equipped with good library and other equipment needed for research. Researchers in our University have great connections which help students to attend seminars and conferences. Research activities are taking place in Biotechnology, dental surgery, defense, and Humanities & Sciences - which includes the Culinary, etc.

Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Executive Head – Culinary Programs

Skill in Culinary, like any other skill, has to be learned from the experts - the Legendary Chefs. The empanelled Chefs in the Department of Culinary Arts, the eco-system, the infrastructure facilities, labs and more importantly the renowned Chefs handling sessions would take the students to the level of excellence. It will be a great time for students to go places in their culinary career. I take pleasure in training the students of the Department.

Chef Sudhir Sibal, Executive Head – Hospitality Programs

As an ardent learner right from an early age, I always felt that learning is something sacred. Learning knowledge and expertise are together a multi-layered ability. The confidence of being good comes only when people around us make a prudent comment that we are good. Aspiring and passionate students, no doubt, learn intensely and faster too, but in such a pursuit, their masters and mentors matter much, because it is more a matter of inspiration and influence that triggers confidence of having learned something well.

Chef Vijayabhasakaran, Executive Head – Culinary and Bakery Research

Research findings provide new things which is the most appropriate aspect of objective study. Bakery provides a world of opportunities for Research. I feel for Culinary (Food from a hot kitchen) bakery is the silver lining. Together they are the spectacle of a feast to the eyes first and to the palate of course more importantly. My journey in culinary and Research in its own way taught me the secret of creation. Department of Culinary Arts, I could see, is set to create a niche for itself – an exclusive by-lane of classic Culinary

Chef Ramesh Javvaji, Executive Head – Culinary

Training, I feel, is different from being and doing. One who is a great exponent in culinary may be very excitingly great in training others also to ramp up the standards, but most of the time, it’s not so, because, training has some special pre-requisites. As a Trainer, myself, for decades of working in India and abroad, I feel it is a pleasure of a different level, to be with the students of the Department of Culinary Arts, Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute (Deemed University). Let’s learn culinary with the goals set for achieving classic culinary

Chef Balamuruhan , HOD – Bakery & Pastry

The Aspiring students in Bakery or Culinary could achieve the acme with the skills that they acquire, practice and master. While pursuing a career in Culinary, more verticals fall in the scope of learning in Culinary & Bakery/Confectionery. The Department of Culinary Arts is the right place if you have a dream to master the art. Learn the skills and become an expert and then there is no looking back. But don’t forget that there are umpteen number of other areas for you to work on to carve your career. Set your goal and work to achieve the glory.

Chef Illanchezhian, Executive Head – Hospitality Programs

While quality food production is vital for a Culinarian, presentation is the icing on the cake. Chefs who have a love and passion in food preparation would have a natural inclination to make a great presentation. Carving of Foods and Vegetables is an area that is directed at pulling the guests’ interest. Carving is another way of presentation - more artistic.. With the expertise I had gained over years and also being a World record holder in Food Carving, I shall make you a Carver too. Carving is a food art. Come and join Dr.MGR University and I would love to train you


The Faculty of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

The Faculty of Hotel Management & Catering Technology of Dr. MGR – Educational & Research Institute-University, Chennai, is among the most well-known institutes for Hotel Management and Catering Technology in India, imparting education in the field to students across different parts of the country.

The department has an impeccable track record of achieving more than 95% placements year after year. Faculty of Hotel Management & Catering Technology was established in the year 1999 with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) & Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE) approval, and ever since its inception the institution trained more than 800 students. The Institution owns, within the group, two renowned 4-star hotels which help students of the department to get exposed to real-time work environment and customer demands and thus students get hardcore job training from the day they join.

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